• Fume&Mist elimination efficiency: >90%.
  • High-end high-frequency high-voltage solid-state transformer with epoxy resin encapsulation, driven by half-bridge switching converter, ab=nd is powerful, stable and energy-saving.
  • Patented cylindrical honeycomb structure filter cell, ensuring extremely high efficiency of fume & mist elimination.
  • Multiple protection functions such as electrostatic discharge protection, power over-loading protection and transformer over-heated protection, making it safe and reliable of our facility.
  • Klean auto cleaning device enables Klean ESP to operate maintenance-free for a long period of time, thus saving you the time, money and trouble of frequent manual cleaning.
  • PLC based intelligent control, enables the user to set the auto-cleaning timing at off-work hours, thus no interruption to the business operation will be incurred.
  • Intelligent temperature control enables you to save time and power consumption spent on auto-cleaning.
  • Rotatable nozzle bars with asymmetrical design, ensuring there’s no dead spot while spraying.

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