Using our expertise and experience,

Using our expertise and experience, Wing Power Co., Ltd. provides complete solutions for all air system challenges.

Earnest consultations

To find the best solution, we collect onsite data as our survey intention is to detect any problems for efficient analysis with the provided budget.

Verify and control product standards

The Company’s team of skilled machine designers and engineers strictly control and check the performance and equipment to meet Wing Power’s high standards.

Suitable product design

Our engineers are indoor air management experts who design the system with 3D visualisations for customers to clearly see.

Installation service by professionals

Professionals with deep knowledge of equipment and operation install and check the readiness of the system.

Manufactured and quality checked by experienced staff

Because finding the greatest solution for customers is our priority, thorough care is put into all production steps. Specialists calculate the most suitable wind and air values for each place.

Technical usage guidance services

Along with the project hand over, we provide introductory usage training to customers and another full training session after 1 month.

After-sales service

We provide after-sales On Site Service. If any problems occur, customers can notify us to receive fast care, completed within 48 hours after being notified. Our Company also provides spare parts during maintenance.

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